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About the Author and Publisher

Prentiss Price, Ph.D.

Dr. Price is currently a counseling psychologist at Georgia Southern University. She is the creator of All About Depression, a highly visited web site since 1999. Her clinical interests include mood and anxiety disorders, psychoeducation, and cognitive behavioral and interpersonal therapies. Dr. Price is also an advocate for mental health self-help via the web. She enjoys writing articles, developing web sites, creating self-guided tools and exercises, and conducting internet research to help people help themselves understand and manage mental health issues.
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Since 1973, New Harbinger Publications has developed step-by-step workbooks and companion books that offer the very best psychological self-help techniques and exercises. Our goal is to give our readers, their loved ones and therapist, real hope for real change. We offer mental health skills and psychological exercises for coping with anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, relationships, stress, phobias, borderline personality, self-esteem, chronic illness,and other health and mental disorders.
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Paperback: 190 pages
ISBN: 157224383X

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