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About Cyclothymia
Table of Contents
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Table of Contents*



Chapter One: What is Cyclothymic Disorder?
spacer Cyclothymic Mood Swings
Symptoms of Depression and Hypomania
Mood Disorders
A Mild Form of Bipolar Disorder
History of Cyclothymic Disorder
What We Know, What We Don't Know
Cyclothymia May Escape Detection

Chapter Two: What Causes Cyclothymia?
spacer Lack of Definitive Information Can Be Frustrating
Causes of the Disorder vs. Causes of Symptoms
The Role of Genetics
The Role of Biology
The Role of Stress
More Research is Needed

Chapter Three: Do You Have Cyclothymia?
spacer How Is Cyclothymia Different From Normal Moodiness?
The Diagnostic Process
Diagnostic Criteria for Cyclothymic Disorder
Cyclothymia vs. Other Mental Disorders
Living With the Diagnosis

Chapter Four: How Does Cyclothymia Affect You?
spacer You Are Not Alone
How Others May Perceive You
Recognizing Patterns and "Red Flags"
Mood Disorders and Suicide
Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Chapter Five: What Treatments Are Effective For Cyclothymia?
spacer Psychotherapies
Combining Psychotherapy and Medication
How to Find Professional Help


Chapter Six: Monitoring Your Progress
spacer Good Reasons for Keeping Charts
Common Obstacles to Keeping Charts
Overview of Charts
Charting Your Mood Swings
Charting Your Daily Rhythms and Social Interactions
Charting Your Monthly Progress

Chapter Seven: Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies
spacer Cognitive-Behavioral Principles
Keeping an Automatic Thought Record
How Does Cyclothymia Affect Thinking?

Chapter Eight: Managing Mood Swings
spacer Managing Depressive Symptoms
Managing Hypomanic Symptoms
Managing Anger
Managing Stress
Developing an Exercise Plan

Chapter Nine: Managing Relationships
spacer Your Family, Partner, Friends
Educating Others About Your Cyclothymia
Your Workplace
Developing Good Communication Skills
Developing a Support Network

Chapter Ten: Leading a Balanced Life
spacer Putting It All Together
Your Personal Goals for Managing Cyclothymia
A Final Message



*Please note that the Table of Contents is subject to change pending completion of the editorial and printing process.

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