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Download Exercises from the Workbook

The Cyclothymia Workbook has several dozen self-guided exercises to help you understand and manage your own mood swings. For some of these exercises you may wish to have more blank copies than I was able to include in the workbook. Free copies of some of theses exercises are provided for you here. They are saved in .pdf format, and can be opened with Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

Exercise 2.4 - Your Stress Chart

Exercise 4.7 - Recognizing Your Patterns

Exercise 6.1 - Mood Chart

Exercise 6.2 - Average Time of Activity Chart

Exercise 6.3 - Rhythm Chart

Exercise 6.4 - Monthly Mood & Rhythm Chart

Exercise 7.2 - Automatic Thought Record

Exercise 8.3 - Daily Activity Scheduling

Exercise 10.2 - My Goal Worksheet

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