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The Cyclothymia Workbook

Diagnosis of Cyclothymia

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Do You Experience Mood Swings?

The Cyclothymia Workbook: Learn How to Manage Your Mood Swings and Lead a Balanced Life

The Cyclothymia Workbook

By Prentiss Price, Ph.D.
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Dr. P's The Cyclothymia Workbook is the first book to address this lesser known form of bipolar disorder. The workbook offers the latest information about cyclothymia, what causes it, and how it is diagnosed and treated. Dozens of self-guided exercises help you learn to manage your mood swings and develop strategies for coping with this condition. You can order your own copy through

The Cyclothymia Workbook can help you to...

  • Manage your mood swings
  • Learn the difference between bipolar disorder and cyclothymia
  • Recognize the symptoms
  • Track and manage your cycles
  • Discover and diffuse your triggers
  • Gain support from family and friends
  • Learn techniques that can change your life

The Cyclothymia Workbook web siteVisit for more information about cyclothymia, the workbook, and to download free worksheets of some of the exercises.



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