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Symptoms of Depression

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-Major Depression
-Bipolar Disorder
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About Symptoms
-Depressed mood
-Hopeless, helpless
-Loss of interest, pleasure
-Appetite, weight changes
-Sleeping problems
-Agitated, slowed down
-Decreased energy
-Feeling worthless, guilty
-Thinking problems
-Suicidal thoughts, plans, attempts
-Delusions, hallucinations
-Physical aches, pains

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Symptoms of Depression

Below is a checklist of symptoms of depression. It is in no way intended to provide a diagnosis and it should not be used as such. It is meant to be a guide to help you understand your symptoms. Only a trained medical or mental health professional is qualified to make a diagnosis. You might print out this list, mark whether you have experienced the symptoms, and then show it to your physician or therapist for a discussion about whether you may be depressed.

Has there been a 2-week period of time in which you have had either...
Yes No
A. Depressed, down, or sad mood for most of the time, more days than not ___ ___
B. Loss of interest or pleasure in activities that were once enjoyed ___ ___
     AND, in that same 2-week period, did you experience four of the following symptoms (three if you checked both A and B above) most of the day, nearly every day    
     1. Significant weight loss or weight gain, or a change in appetite ___ ___
     2. Sleeping too much or too little ___ ___
     3. Feeling slowed down (like slow motion), or physically agitated, restless ___ ___
     4. Loss of energy, fatigue ___ ___
     5. Feelings of worthlessness or guilt ___ ___
     6. Difficulty with thinking, concentration, or making decisions ___ ___
     7. Reoccurring thoughts of death or suicide, a suicide attempt or plan ___ ___



This web site is for information and support only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional treatment or advice.

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