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Managing Symptoms of Depression

Decreased Energy

Having low energy and feeling tired and fatigued are very common symptoms if you are depressed. You may feel quite tired even without having engaged in any physical activity. Simple day-to-day tasks are no longer simple. Even such things as getting washed and dressed in the morning can seem overwhelming and may take twice as long as usual. When you are able to do things around the house or at work, you may become very exhausted or tire quickly.

What does NOT help decreased energy:

  • Remaining sedentary, not exercising.
  • Eating unhealthy, processed, or junk foods.
  • Not getting enough sleep at night (see Sleeping Problems).

What can help improve decreased energy:

  • Recognizing that depression causes you to have problems with your energy and ability to do some things you’d like to do. It is not some character flaw or “failure” on your part. When you are not depressed, you may not have such problems with energy.
  • Beginning a very mild exercise routine. This can include walking around your house and building toward taking a brief walk down your street. Don’t try to do too much too fast. Check with your doctor about planning a proper exercise routine for your needs.
  • Being sure to eat healthy foods. Introduce fruits, vegetables, and other healthy, nutrient rich foods into your diet. Stay away from junk foods or processed foods.
  • Being sure to get enough sleep at night (see Sleeping Problems).

Sleeping Problems
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