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How It's Treated

How To Help Yourself
-Seeking Treatment

Managing Symptoms
-Depressed mood
-Hopeless, helpless
-Loss of interest, pleasure
-Appetite/Weight Changes
-Sleeping problems
-Decreased energy
-Feeling worthless, guilty
-Thinking problems
-Suicidal thoughts, plans

CBT Workshop


Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)


-Risk factors
-How to help

Mental Health Professionals

Organizations and Support Groups

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Managing Symptoms of Depression


Hopefully, the tips presented here will help you manage some of your own symptoms of depression. While you may find it challenging to implement some of these strategies, please remember to be patient with yourself. Feeling better does take time. It is important to take good care of yourself with good nutrition, exercise, sleep, and reasonable amounts of activities, as well as generally being kind and gentle with yourself. Also, be very careful about letting negative thoughts get in your way. Donít let setbacks keep you from doing things that can help you feel better. You can do it!

Suicidal Thoughts



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