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Online Stress Management Workshop

-What is Stress?
-Fight or Flight
-Stress Response
-What is Stressful to You?
-Stress is Normal in Life
-Not All Stress is Bad
-What Leads to Stress?
-How Stress Affects Us
-Vulnerability to Stress
   (self evaluation)

-Why We Stress Out
-Our Perceptions of Stress
-Stress Warning Signs
-Your Warning Signs
-Reducing Stress
-Find Support
-Change Your Attitude
-Be Realistic
-Get Organized
-Take "Me" Time
-Take Care of Yourself
-Learn to Say "No"
-Get Regular Exercise
-Find a Hobby
-Slow Down
-Laugh, Use Humor
-Learn to Relax
-Relaxation Exercises
-Deep Breathing
-List of Suggestions to Print
-Next Steps

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Online Stress Management Workshop

The Stress Response: An Example

A more contemporary example of a situation that invokes the stress response for many people is public speaking. This may not be a life and death situation, but many of us perceive this situation as somewhat threatening. If you find public speaking to be stressful, you might notice certain physical, behavioral, mental, and emotional responses when you have to speak in front of a group of people.

Physically, your heart might race, your hands become clammy or sweaty, you shake, your breathing becomes rapid and shallow, your jaw tightens, and you might become light-headed.

Behaviorally, you might stutter, look down, or avoid eye contact with the audience.

Cognitively or mentally, your mind may go blank, or alternatively your thoughts might race wildly. You might have thoughts about making a mistake or looking ridiculous in front of your peers.

Emotionally, you might feel very anxious or fearful.

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