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Online Stress Management Workshop

-What is Stress?
-Fight or Flight
-Stress Response
-What is Stressful to You?
-Stress is Normal in Life
-Not All Stress is Bad
-What Leads to Stress?
-How Stress Affects Us
-Vulnerability to Stress
   (self evaluation)

-Why We Stress Out
-Our Perceptions of Stress
-Stress Warning Signs
-Your Warning Signs
-Reducing Stress
-Find Support
-Change Your Attitude
-Be Realistic
-Get Organized
-Take "Me" Time
-Take Care of Yourself
-Learn to Say "No"
-Get Regular Exercise
-Find a Hobby
-Slow Down
-Laugh, Use Humor
-Learn to Relax
-Relaxation Exercises
-Deep Breathing
-List of Suggestions to Print
-Next Steps

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Online Stress Management Workshop

Some Stress Warning Signals

What are your "red flags," or warning signs, that stress is creeping into your life? We pay a lot of attention to things in the outer world that are related to stress such as financial difficulties, conflicts in relationships, and overwhelming responsibilities. We tend NOT to pay enough attention to our inner worlds, the signals that stress is starting to take its toll on us. Interestingly, we are often quite good at ignoring those internal signals and pushing ourselves even harder. If we keep pushing ourselves, eventually something inside of use will send "red flags," or warning signs that stress is becoming a problem.

Take a look at the following page of stress symptoms and check off all the ones that you experience when you feel stressed out.

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