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Online Stress Management Workshop

-What is Stress?
-Fight or Flight
-Stress Response
-What is Stressful to You?
-Stress is Normal in Life
-Not All Stress is Bad
-What Leads to Stress?
-How Stress Affects Us
-Vulnerability to Stress
   (self evaluation)

-Why We Stress Out
-Our Perceptions of Stress
-Stress Warning Signs
-Your Warning Signs
-Reducing Stress
-Find Support
-Change Your Attitude
-Be Realistic
-Get Organized
-Take "Me" Time
-Take Care of Yourself
-Learn to Say "No"
-Get Regular Exercise
-Find a Hobby
-Slow Down
-Laugh, Use Humor
-Learn to Relax
-Relaxation Exercises
-Deep Breathing
-List of Suggestions to Print
-Next Steps

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Online Stress Management Workshop

Some Stress Warning Signals

Here is a list of some, but not all, possible reactions to stress. Check all of the symptoms you experience when you feel stressed. Notice that symptoms of stress can affect us physically, behaviorally, emotionally, and cognitively. You can learn to recognize these symptoms or signals in yourself before stress gets too far out of hand. When you recognize your unique signals, that's the time to take action... ideas for which are coming up!

When you are finished you might want to print this completed page for your own reference.

Physical Symptoms

stomach aches
sweaty palms
cold hands, feet
easily fatigued
muscle tension
back pain
tight neck, shoulders
racing heart
shallow breathing
ringing in the ears

Behavioral Symptoms

excess smoking
eating too little or too much
critical attitude of others
sleeping too much or too little
driving too fast
grinding of teeth
overuse of alcohol
inability to finish tasks
nail biting

Emotional Symptoms

bothered by unimportant things
nervousness, anxiety
feeling "burned out"
feeling powerless
crying easily
overwhelming pressure
unhappiness, depression
feeling helpless

Cognitive Symptoms

trouble thinking clearly
difficulty with concentration, focus
lack of creativity
expecting too much from others
inability to make decisions
constant worry
loss of humor
being self-critical
being pessimistic

You may want to print out this page with your responses before moving on.

Remember that these symptoms could be the result of causes other than stress. It is recommended that you visit with a physician to rule out any medical conditions.

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