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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Workshop
-About Change
-Common Obstacles
-CBT Overview
-CBT Principles in Action
-Thoughts Cause Feelings
-Automatic Thoughts
-Unrealistic Thoughts
-Depression Affects Thinking
-Thinking Styles
-Thinking Styles Example
-Summary of Principles
-Keeping an Automatic Thought Record
-Thoughts and Feelings
-Step #1: Record Info
-Step #2: Rate Info
-Step #3: Respond to Info
-Helen's Responses
-Step #4: Get Results
-Appropriate Expectations

For Download
-Thinking Styles List
-Automatic Thought Record
-Strategies for Balanced Thinking
-Mood Chart

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Workshop


In this Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Workshop you’ll learn to recognize how your thinking affects your mood. When your thoughts are negative or pessimistic, this can maintain depressive symptoms. You’ll also learn strategies to modify negative thoughts which can help improve your mood.

CBT is commonly used by therapists to treat depression in their clients. Numerous studies have shown CBT to be very effective in treating depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Luckily, you can learn CBT strategies in this workshop.

As there is a good bit of information in this workshop, you’ll want to take your time going through it. Each page of information builds towards the next, so be sure not to skip around.

You can proceed through the workshop by clicking on the “next” and “back” buttons at the end of each page, or you can click on a topic on the menu bar to the left.

About Change



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