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Quick Facts
-Depression is treatable!
-Many don't seek help, suffer needlessly
-Women are twice as likely to be depressed
-Depression is a leading cause of disability in US
-Depression is not a flaw in one's character

Popular Topics
-Causes of depression
-How to help yourself
-Stress and depression
-Feelngs of hopelessness
-Types of depression
-How it affects lives
-Treatment options
-Feelings of worthlessness
-Symptoms of depression

News & Research
-Stopping Meds Leads To Relapse
-Internet Use And Depression
-Ketamine For Bipolar Disorder
-Depression Makes The World Dull
-Teen Suicide Facts
-Tai Chi Can Improve Depression
-Phone Support For Cancer Patients
-Mental State of Moms Influenced Kids’ Well Being
-Racism Affects Black Women’s Treatment
-Video Games Relieve Depression
-MS Patients And Depression
-Depression Increases Risk Of Dementia
-Competition Leads to Depression In Girls
-Depression Affects The Body
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What is Depression?
Clinical depression is more that just feeling "blue" from time to time. It is a serious condition that affects a person's mind, body, and spirit and impacts every aspect of one's life. Depression is one of the most common mental health conditions affecting almost 10% of the population each year. Learn more

Are You Depressed?
Doctors diagnose depression by the symptoms one experiences. These can include depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of hopelessness and guilt, and problems with concentration, eating, energy and sleeping. Thoughts of death or suicide may also occur. Learn more

4 Causes of Depression
Depression can be caused by factors related to one's biology (body chemistry and brain function), genetics (heredity), environment (stress, trauma, etc.), or medical conditions (physical problems, disease, etc.). Learn more

Stress and depression Manage symptoms of depression How to help yourself

Workshops and Other Offerings
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Workshop
In this workshop you’ll learn to recognize how your thinking affects your mood. You’ll also learn strategies to modify negative thoughts which can help improve your mood.

Online Relaxation Exercises

These audio files will guide you through a variety of relaxation exercises to help you reduce stress and anxiety.
   Stress Management Workshop
In this workshop, you will learn about what stress is, what it can do to you, and how you can manage it more effectively in your life.

Manage Symptoms of Depression
You know how miserable symptoms of depression can be. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help manage many of them on your own.

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Have Mood Swings?

Cyclothymia Workbook
Review Dr. P's self-help book on cyclothymia, a type of mood disorder.

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